Book Club

Reading and recreation

Our Book Club was inspired while working on the InspiringAgeneration project where high school students were teachers of primary school students. Thus, the idea came up to continue with this setup but on a new activity. At the book club project we split the activity into two parts, the first half is used for reading books with motivational stories and the second part for playing sports. The stories are very inspirational for the kids and each one of them is supposed to read aloud a story and then the group discusses the motives of that particular story. The mentor, a high school student, is needed for helping the kids with words they cannot understand and to facilitate the discussion of the group. Knowing that kids have lots of energy and reading can make them feel bored, we introduced the concept of reading first and playing later. The activities involve playing various sports where boys and girls play together in teams. We play football, volleyball, throwing frisbees, running, as well as many other team activities. Taking into consideration that this event happens during the school break in the summer, the kids are eager for the activity to start each week. Usually we have about 30-40 students in our weekly sessions.



Project start

June 20, 2019

Project end