Youth for youth

The main objective of this project is to use motivated high school students for motivating primary school kids. The activity occurs once a week for about 4-5 weeks with a two-hour schedule. We dedicate special importance gathering the students that are in difficult economic conditions. These courses are not a replacement of the official school classes. These are only extra curriculum and motivational courses for the students that have the will to study. We help them solve their homework and work on other additional exercises. The project is divided into three main classes, learning math, English and science. At the math class they practice the school curriculum before moving into other interesting calculation techniques. In the English class we use different fun techniques for teaching the language, such as singing, drawing, playing etc. The science class is specifically designed with many scientific experiments that inspire the younger generations for further academic success. We usually have about 30 students each year and we have had about 100 students by now.



Project start

April 30, 2018

Project end